Greek food is a blend of many different cultures with great emphasis placed on the sharing of great cuisine & conversation.

We have a true passion about traditional Greek food, so every last week of the month we’ll be visiting a different Greek island to acknowledge the different and unique tastes each has to offer.

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Do you have a favourite Greek island? Join us as we introduce our new menus and tell us tell us about your most memorable Greek dishes.

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  • Mykonos Tomato and spicy cheese meze
  • Syros Chopped parsley salad
  • Paros Wine poached skate salad
  • Santorini Fresh tomato fritters
  • Andros Marinated octopus with dried tomatoes and capers
  • Kos Lemon braised cabbage with louza and wild fennel
  • Tinos Tinos taverna artichoke pie
  • Rodes Fresh baby aubergines stuffed with vegetables and chloro cheese
  • Kimolos Red mullet in caper sauce
  • Naxos Snails braised with specially marinated sweet potatoes
  • Antiparos Rooster stuffed with bread, raisins and kefaloturi cheese
  • Sikinos Clay-baked rabbit stuffed with potatoes
  • Leros Pork roulade with leros graviera cheese and nuts
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